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Did you hear about the sport from a friend or neighbor and want to find out more? 

First, you're in the right spot.  We offer programs for youth, junior high, and high school wrestlers. 

If you have a child that is interested in wrestling regardless of their age and ability, have them check out one of our free intro resources located in the right-hand column. Our site has a tremendous amount of info so please explore the information on tabs located across the top of the page (or on our mobile site, the drop down at the top left). Can't find what you are looking for? Just email us and we'll be happy to chat with you. 

Wrestling is an individual and team sport with a great environment for physical activity, skill building, and fun. Don't worry if your kid has never wrestled before, as most kids here haven't so your child is not at a disadvantage.  A lot of kids have only picked up the sport in the last year or two, and every year we add more new kids to the program.  

Helpful Links:

The Rules of Wrestling for Beginners and Parents
Wrestling Mom 101



What to bring to practice...

Wrestling Shoes
Shorts or Sweat pants
T-Shirt (long-sleeve is best, but short-sleeve will do)
Full Water Bottle (we have a fountain to refill if needed)
Avoid wearing clothing with zippers or any metal attached.  

After practice, athletes should shower as soon as they arrive home.  No arguing with mom or dad to take it in the morning!!!  


Once You've Wrestled Life is Easier

New to Our Organization

AP Warriors Take 1st Place at Schenectady Tournament
Jacob White waiting for a pin.

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